Pasig City

The Pasig City ASK academy uses elegant, clean lines and soft lighting to bring this space to life.

In designing the academy we have managed to create a perfect balance of design and functionality; an academy that feels both open yet intimate, high class yet high-tech, stylish and useable. With ample training areas and meeting facilities, this academy will be bringing people together to celebrate and nurture one common passion 'Together. A passion for hair'.

Contact the academy by using the seminar enquiry form, or by using the details in my:tools.

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Contact details

Scharzkopf Professional           
ASK Studio
Unit 27-B Wynsum, Corporate Plaza
#22 F, Ortigas Jr. Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

T +63-2-706 2512 
F +63-2-706 2872